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所有貨品寄出前均已檢查包裝安全並拍照作紀錄! 如遺失或貨品受損等情況,買家需承擔運送過程風險。 ⭕️所有貨品不設退換,敬請見諒! 🌟(電器產品如非人為損壞、機件入水、自行維修或改裝不能退換,正常情況之問題可於收貨後七天換貨, 請保留有關之發票才有效) Check the package before security had been sent to all goods and photographed for the record! Such as lost or damaged goods, etc., the buyer should bear the risk of the transport process. All the goods do not returned, please forgive me! 🌟 (electrical products such as non-human damage, the parts into the water, to repair or modification can not be returned, it can be a problem normally seven days after receipt of a replacement, please keep the relevant invoice to be effective)