Betty's Butter Cream 即用奶油忌廉



Betty's Butter Cream 即用奶油忌廉 原色是米黃色,可自由加上食用色素調教喜愛顔色 適合製作:馬卡龍餡料、蛋糕裝飾、裱花、塗抹於蛋糕表面及各式甜品 **不易溶解、可以不須冷藏、即用即食、非常方便及可加上食用色素,調教自己喜歡的顏色! 產地:美國 Suitable for the production: macaroon fillings, cake decorating, Decorating, smear on the surface of the cake and all kinds of desserts Product by: USA 提示:此貨品包装體積較長,不設寄順便櫃! (會員優惠不適用於網上購物) (Membership Offer not valid for online shopping) ********* 非會員現凡在本網店購物滿原價$200(單一發票計即可申請成為糖屋烘焙之永久會員,必須親臨門市辦理會員手續) 現凡親臨門市購物滿$300(單一發票或累積三個月之發票計算,即可在門市辦理申請成為“糖屋烘焙”之永久會員) 學生會員親臨門市購物滿$100(單一發票計算,即可在門市辦理申請成為“糖屋烘焙”之學生會員) 會員親臨門市選購可享會員優惠: 其他產品均享原價95折優惠 學生會員親臨門市選購均享全部產品9折優惠、電器產品95折及公價貨品除外) (Note: Please note that models the time of purchase) (Membership Offer not valid for online shopping) ********* Non-members who are now in our store purchase original price $ 200 (single invoice terms can apply to become permanent members of baking sugar house, store visits must apply for membership formalities) Now when you visit the store purchase of $ 300 (single invoice or invoices calculate the cumulative three months, you can apply for a \Student members visit the store purchase of $ 100 (single invoice calculation, you can apply for a \Members visit the store to purchase enjoy membership benefits: other products enjoy a 5% discount on the original price Student members went to the store to buy all except enjoy 10% discount on all products, electrical products and 5% off price items)

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