BRAUN Hand Mixer 百靈牌電動手提打蛋器/打蛋機



Braun MuiltMix HM3000 1pcs 百靈牌手提打蛋機 HM3000 1部 ✳️此屬於《公價電器產品》⭕️不包送貨服務及⭕️不設送貨優惠! 500W 配件:全不銹鋼打蛋器、搓麵團鉤 速度:5段速度控制 渦輪 洗碗機安全 簡易控制及速度控制 易於清洗 Easy Click ~更換配件只須輕按按鈕,方便快捷! Smart Mix 技術:垂直摩打置於機器前端,重心便直接移到入碗𥚃而不再在你手中,巧妙的重量分佈令使用更方便及舒適。 *快速及寜靜摩打設計 2年原廠保養 500W Accessories: stainless steel whisk, dough hook rubbing speed: 5 dishwasher safe speed control of the turbine speed control and simple control Easy Click ~ easy to clean parts replacement button tap only, Smart Mix technology: Vertical Mount dozen machines put for the front, center of gravity will move directly into the bowl, no longer in your hands, clever weight distribution make use of more convenient and comfortable. * Fast and Ning Jing beat Mount Design 2 year manufacturer's warranty

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